Why God Gave Us Robert Duval and Tomme Lee Jones


My son has a penchant for attracting and/or being attracted to – how can I put this tactfully?  I can’t.  So, I’ll just say it – he’s a magnet for psychopaths. 


When they were growing up, I made my kids watch a lot of movies,– either for historical or “cultural literacy” purposes.  I guess I forgot to encourage him to see Play Misty for Me and Fatal Attraction. 


But, my gosh – he often watches LIFETIME movies – he should know by now if a woman looks hot, adores him, and seems absolutely PERFECT within the first 24 hours of meeting her – she’s NUTZ.  It never works that way.  He might want to check with former husbands and local mental institutions.  But, no – he goes for it, and before long, it has all hit the fan – his neighbors are complaining and calling the police – she’s got his life story, not to mention the password to his email, voice mail, and probably his ATM code – and the stalking drama is on.


Even worse, it’s not limited to females.  He has had at least one too many guy friends of questionable character – not to mention the estranged husbands of the psychopath girlfriends. 


It is now painfully clear to me the one movie I should have made my son watch – LONESOME DOVE.  Because, I can tell him (what my mom drilled into me) “You are known by the company you keep,” and preach ad nauseam about reputation and “birds of a feather…”  But, I’m the mother – it’s all just garbled gibberish, a la, the adults in PEANUTS cartoons, “waah waah  waah waah waah waah waah…” 


But, I’ll tell you what.  My son loves Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones.  I know if he had seen Gus (Duval) poise his lifelong buddy Jake (Robert Urich) in that tree, he would absolutely believe it when Duval says, “You ride with outlaws, you DIE with outlaws.” 


Guys don’t put much stock in maternal words of wisdom.  But, they listen to cool, tough guys – and THAT is why God gave us ROBERT DUVAL and TOMME LEE JONES!


About nancsue

Writer - Former newspaper columnist - lover of all things nostalgic, collies, music, humor, and ever grateful to those who defend American citizens at home and abroad.
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