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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright?

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright? Not so much right now. Are you the new Wilt Chamberlain?Or are these vamps, vixens, sirens, and such Simply seeking to share your not-so-flattering limelight? Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

For the post-baby boomer generations who were taught the U.S. barbarically, mercilessly bombed Japan in 1945, it’s not your fault. No one ever told you the Japanese were not always the cool, car-building, techno-genius, anime-creating society you … Continue reading

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This Just In: It Is All About Appearances

This Just In: It Is All About Appearances (Ask anyone who has seen THE WIZARD OF OZ – would Dorothy and her menagerie have made that long trip had they not been bedazzled by the Emerald City?) I think it was comedian Gallagher who said, “God made … Continue reading

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