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Woody Allen Still Revered While Mel Gibson is Reviled

Leo DiCaprio backed out of a movie deal with Mel Gibson, due to girlfriend abuse allegations. Yet, actors still leap at the chance to work with Woody Allen, incestuous child predator. Am I alone in my inability to make sense of this? I am not defe… Continue reading

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Hotdog Eating Contest Elevates Gluttony to An Organized Sport

Are we not bombarded, on a daily basis, with “news” that Americans are too fat? There is even talk of proposed legislation to limit our freedom to salt – SALT, as in “of the earth.” Both sugar and sodium have become four-letter words. Fast food es… Continue reading

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DIRK NOWITZKI, you are not free to move about the league.

DIRK NOWITZKI, you are not free to move about the league. DALLAS just lost one favorite son, when the nit-wit STARS did not keep MIKE MODANO on the team.So, don’t leave us, Dirk! We need a good guy to love. You are not just the “face of the MAVERI… Continue reading

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