Hotdog Eating Contest Elevates Gluttony to An Organized Sport

Are we not bombarded, on a daily basis, with “news” that Americans are too fat?

There is even talk of proposed legislation to limit our freedom to salt – SALT, as in “of the earth.”  Both sugar and sodium have become four-letter words. Fast food establishments are continually under attack for everything from poor nutritional fare of empty calories, to enticing children with special meals that include a small treat for them. 

So, what is up with these annual hot dog (and other) eating contests? The video of participants stuffing their faces is the epitome of revolting.

But, maybe I am missing something.  Perhaps there is a higher objective for these disgusting demonstrations. Maybe they are meant as an allegory of our collective over-indulgence?  Could they be a sort of Yoko Ono-esque avant garde interactive art piece to symbolize the level of decdadence we have reached, while children starve in less privileged countries and even our own “third world states“?

Hmmm… Nice thought, but given the $20,000 purse for the July 4th Hot Dog eating contest, I seriously doubt these activities are meant as a social mirror.

Therefore, I cannot help but wonder about the complete waste of food (that will surely be regurgitated), when it could have been given to the truly hungry among us. Meanwhile, we have elevated competitive eating – GLUTTONY to an organized sport.

If the media continues to highlight these activities that glorify mercenary gluttony, they really should back off the Anti-Happy Meal movement.

Now, for the proverbial “call to action:”
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