Forget the beef… Where’s the EXCEDRIN? It’s Baaaaack!!!

This just in….I got an email from Excedrin USA Novartis today:

Great news!  We’ve begun shipping Excedrin Migraine from our distribution center.  Check the shelves in the next few weeks.  Soon you’ll be reunited with your migraine pain relief with Excedrin Migraine.

So, let’s just hope our headaches are over, and we can archive this ugly incident and my previous blog in the annals of headache history – but, not at the level where we will say, “I remember exactly where I was the day they ripped EXCEDRIN from the shelves…” 


It has now been almost two months since Novartis recalled EXCEDRIN and other over-the-counter medications, because of possible chipped or broken tablets and stray pills of other drugs, possibly mixed in with them.

Okay.  I admire that pre-emptive move to save the public.  But, it has now been over two weeks.  I can’t take it anymore.  People who get migraines really, REALLY need their EXCEDRIN  It is the only over-the-counter medication that can even touch a migraine.  When people tell me they had a headache, took a Tylenol, and now they’re fine, I can only respond, “Youdid NOT have a headache.”  Okay, a headache, maybe, but not a MIGRAINE – huge difference.  Migraine is not “just a headache.”  It is a cluster of symptoms that can manifest in many different ways, including, but not limited to:  Excruciating, throbbing pain in the temple or under the eye, severe sensitivity to light and sound, nausea…  The list goes on to include such obscure symptoms as temporary partial paralysis. 

Yes, most of us migraineurs do have prescription drugs we can take in severe cases.  But, the important thing is to stop the pain in its tracks, before it gains momentum and escalates to the point where we have to take our (very expensive) prescription medications. 

As I have posted on my website

Somehow I managed to survive a year and a half of this crippling pattern of pain. Ice packs and Excedrin became my constant companions. I had discovered long before the experts signed off on it, that Excedrin is about as effective as anything, short of a narcotic coma, for the pain of migraine.
There were at least a couple of trips to the hospital emergency room.
The worst thing about going to the E.R. is the car trip nearly kills you.

Initially, I thought this little recall thing would just last a few days.  But, I have searched everywhere – Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, some local grocery stores – there is NO Excedrin on the shelves. 

I have even googled in the hope of getting some idea when it will be back.  Honestly, nothing – NOTHING “over the counter” can TOUCH an oncoming migraine – and any headache can quickly escalate to a migraine if it’s not stopped in its tracks by the EXCEDRIN SUPER HERO – I swear – those pills need to wear little capes.

I might have to drive to Mexico!  Now I’m starting to wonder what’s the “street value” of a couple of pills of Extra Strength Excedrin…


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