Effervescing About Brown, Bubbly Drinks and Their Clear Competitors

There was a time when a soda – whether you called it that – or “pop,” or the generic “coke,” (if it really was Coca Cola, Pepsi or RC), was dark. With the exception of the occasional orange or grape soda, sweet, liquid effervescence was usually a BROWN beverage. 

7-Up is the first popular “clear” soda I recall drinking in my life.  Unfortunately, I associate it with being sick. Because, that’s the only time I drank it.  It was mom’s ready remedy for any stomach upset.  7-UP actually had a successful marketing campaign as the “UN-cola.”

In 1961, Coca Cola created its clear competitor, SPRITE, also with a hint of lemon & lime, dubbed “lymon,” in one if its ad campaigns.

Then, in no particular order, such clear or citrus variations included: Squirt, Fresca, Mello Yello, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist.

When I asked my Facebook friends what other sodas come to mind, they offered the following:

Dr. Pepper – but of course.  What soda list would be complete without calling in “the doctor.”  Speaking of which, 1973 – Enter a competitor for the doctor – Mr. Pibb – while Pibb carried the respectful title of “Mr.” – not exactly a credentialed one like “Dr.”  Nevertheless, a tasty drink, quite similar to the Pepper.

One friend mentioned Upper 10, that I would learn debuted in 1933, first bottled by Nehi, then RC.

As I waxed nostalgic about carbonation overall, I remembered how my grandmother, a diabetic, would somehow down the first of the sugar-free (saccharin-laden) drinks – TAB, as well as Diet Rite colas.  How she would have enjoyed the current cornucopia of sugar-free and “light” sodas.

This is obviously, in no way, meant to be an historically accurate chronology of carbonated beverages – just a mental meandering, as usual…

Now, for the proverbial “call to action:”
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One Response to Effervescing About Brown, Bubbly Drinks and Their Clear Competitors

  1. Magpie says:

    When I was sick it was always Ginger Ale…

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