Egg Nog and Other “Out of Season” Goodies

I know I harp on this every January. But, seriously, why can’t just one national dairy sell eggnog all year? Why does it have to be, like King ‘s Hawaiian hot dog buns, “out of season “?
Yes, true story. I have a friend who was told, a couple of years ago, by both Walmart and the King’s Hawaiian Bakery that their hot dog buns are currently “out of season.” Seriously???
Because, Oscar Mayer is still selling hot dogs, and Mrs. Bairds has hot dog buns on the store shelves. So, why are the King’s Hawaiian buns out of season?
But, I digress.
Back to eggnog… I understand and appreciate the holiday connection. But, for cryin’ out loud – pumpkin pie is sold all year, as is hot chocolate.

My campaign has officially begun: Equal rights for eggnog!

Now, for the proverbial “call to action:”
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