No Flu Over This Cuckoo’s Nest

“I never catch colds or get the flu.” That is my annoying brag, as co-workers collectively cough and collapse all around me.
Few believe me, and most don’t want to hear it (again). But, it’s true. I can count on one and a half hands how many times I have had a bad cold or flu in the past 25-plus years.

And as you likely expected, I have a theory to support my apparent infinite immunity to the cold/flu family of infections.
In a word: TONSILLECTOMY. This surgery has been dismissed and demonized over the past few decades as a needless procedure that was conducted more as a rite of passage than a medical remedy. And as such, it is rarely done these days. Ear tubes have apparently replaced tonsillectomy as the “it” operation for children.

By age 21, I was at the doctor monthly with some kind of cold/sore throat ailment, living my life from one penicillin shot to the next. I finally went to a specialist. He took one look at that pattern and my throat, and in the time it took to trash a tongue depressor, declared my tonsils “rotten.”

I would never recommend any surgery be undertaken haphazardly or irresponsibly. But, my ENT explained the intended role of tonsils is to filter out germs. However, as we age, they tend to collect, harbor, and cultivate those germs, resulting in the kind of repeated infections I was getting.
I readily admit it was, as my doctor warned, much more difficult at age 21, than the simple procedure touted to children. It was not the ice cream dream we are led to believe. I could barely tolerate the pain of swallowing my own saliva. I know – “TMI!”

But, it was worth it. As the dreaded flu threatens my tonsiled friends, I have no fear.

Our society tends to live by that swinging pendulum of what’s in and what’s out, often triggered by knee-jerk reactions.
So, just saying…the medical profession might want to revisit tonsillectomies, in general.

For now, I’m pretty sure that CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies are just offering flu shots, not quicky tonsillectomies.

Truly, if not for a couple of chronic conditions, I would be the picture of health.

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