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Being A Grownup – Highly Over-Rated

I have to admit I never truly aspired to be a “grownup.” I remember wanting to be a teenager, because that looked fun and cool. Teenagers were cute, could drive and hang out, without the burden of mortgages or other … Continue reading

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Today, IRISH; Tomorrow? Depends – What’s on the Menu?

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day.  I say Americans are basically fickle, and will adjust their heritage in a heartbeat for an excuse to party.  Seriously, everybody’s Catholic for Mardi Gras; we’re all German for Oktoberfest, and … Continue reading

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That “Generation Gap” I Discovered as a teen goes on – in reverse

Fully expecting and prepared to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the relatively luxurious waiting room of my BMW dealership, took the day off to take my car in for a couple of minor things. Turns out, one of those minor … Continue reading

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