Being A Grownup – Highly Over-Rated

I have to admit I never truly aspired to be a “grownup.” I remember wanting to be a teenager, because that looked fun and cool. Teenagers were cute, could drive and hang out, without the burden of mortgages or other major responsibilities.

As far as I could see, the best thing about true adulthood was being a parent. I did long for little people to love, feed, and care for – who would love me more than anything in the world.
And that is the one thing I truly treasured about being a “grownup.”

Despite the typical childhood perception that grownups have it great, most everything (good) about being an adult is basically a myth.

For example:

* Kids think once you’re a grownup, nobody can boss you around. WRONG. Even if you are older, there will always be someone with more money and/or more power who can (and will) tell you what to do. And believe me, it’s stuff a lot tougher and more annoying than just being told to make up your bed and put your socks in the dirty clothes hamper.

* You can “spoil your dinner ” by drinking sodas and eating candy all the time.
That is true – except, you no longer want sodas and candy all the time. Frankly, the green beans and cornbread are more appealing.

* You don’t have to go to school, or anywhere you don’t want to go.
WRONG. You should always be learning (and that’s a good thing). But, you will spend most of your life going places you do not want to go – be it an unpleasant office job, dreaded business trip, funeral of a friend – you will always be getting up and going somewhere you would rather NOT go.

* Finally, grownups never have a broken heart.
WRONG. Even old hearts can be broken – the pain is deeper, and lasts longer.

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Writer - Former newspaper columnist - lover of all things nostalgic, collies, music, humor, snowy places, & grateful to those who defend American citizens at home and abroad.
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2 Responses to Being A Grownup – Highly Over-Rated

  1. Steve Gandy says:

    Nice job as usual.

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