Mothers Day is a Beach

When my kids were little, Mothers Day always seemed to coincide with our annual 600-mile pilgrimage to South Padre Island. Not yet the super-mega resort it is now, it was still a relatively well-kept secret island paradise at the southern tip of Texas.  I believe the coincidental Mothers Day scheduling was due to it being one of the final weekends before the summer rate increase.  So, we could get our beach house (later condo on the beach) for about half the season rates.  Even when my oldest started school, her Parochial school allowed us to take the week’s worth of lessons to the beach with us.

Mother’s Day was pretty much an also ran to the excitement of a week on the beach.  My gifts were typically along the lines of a new lawn chair (for lying out), and insulated cup to keep my iced tea cold while I was lying out.  The day began with fresh, delicious donuts from Rovans, a wonderful bakery on the island, and ended with a scrumptious seafood dinner from one of the several island icons.

Mothers Day aside, it was really all about the beach vacation.  It’s a funny thing taking young children from a land-locked city to the world of surf and sand.  Every morning was like Christmas to them.  They would wake at the crack of dawn, begging to go out to the beach.  Like any typical grownups on vacation, we just wanted to sleep for a few more hours.  Yet, there was just no convincing my young ones the beach and water would still be there at 9:00 in the morning.  I truly believe they thought it was like snow in Dallas – that if they didn’t get out there immediately, it would all disappear.  Even after the first couple of days (of the beach never melting away), they still rose with the sun to get a head start on beach fun and a good sunburn.  Who could really blame them?  There were waves to be ridden, sand to be dug, fish to be caught.  A kid has to get up really early to get a headstart on those activities.  Those fish and waves aren’t going to just catch themselves.

Memorable Mothers Day moments, for sure…

kids at spi

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One Response to Mothers Day is a Beach

  1. Kat says:

    Loved hearing about the beach!! Very vivid! 🙂

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