Top 5 Things You Miss When Unemployed

If you were (to quote “The Boss“) “Born in the U.S.A.,” to working parents, you know there is only one source for a paycheck. It does not come from Uncle Sam (unless you work for the government), and it is not sent to you from some benevolent, magical wizard, just because you are a nice person. Even if you rely on the Tooth Fairy, you will soon run out of teeth, and he/she (whatever gender the Tooth Fairy is) won’t fall for your putting little white pebbles under your pillow too many times.

Paychecks have a single source: Employment. I can assure you, as one who has been without viable employment for some months, that paycheck is number one on this Top Five list.
The others, in no particular order:

2) Camaraderie. What could be more fun than gathering with like-minded, fun people five days a week, all with a shared goal – and getting paid for it!

3) Free coffee – no brainer – or, as we used to say “self explanatory.”

4) Listening to good music on a reasonable commute (it softens the traffic jam edge ).

5) Cute clothes! When I open my closet and see my investment in cute outfits, shoes, and awesome boots… The thought of never wearing them again (among people who appreciate them) is devastating.

That does it. Re-vamping my resume today. I just might change “salary requirements” from “Will work for food,” to “for friendly team with appreciation of humor and cute clothes.”



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