Chicken Fried Steak Day (pick a meat!)

Today is “CHICKEN FRIED STEAK DAY.” What a shame it falls on a Sunday this year. That just interferes with traditional football fare (wings, chili, chips, dip). I was not born in Texas. So, when I first heard of this somewhat Southern, with a heavy leaning toward Texan dish, it was completely foreign to me. I could never master the cooking of it, because I was not exactly sure how it was supposed to taste.

Still, I thought it was “just me.” Then, a few years ago, the mystery shopping company for which I used to work acquired some GRANDY’s franchises in northern Indiana. When attempting to schedule these shops to our mystery shoppers, I was often asked, “What the heck is chicken fried steak?” Only then did I realize I was not alone. Shoppers wanted to know: “Is it chicken? Or is it steak?”
Clearly, they were asking this born-in-Syracuse-came-to-Texas-by-way-of-Kentucky woman a question I was not qualified to answer. Yet, I attempted: “I believe it is a ground beef patty breaded and fried like chicken.” The most common response to that was: “Why?” It was as if these mid-westerners were demanding a more definite decision. Do you want a hamburger? Or do you want fried chicken? Because I completely understood their position, I was left with only one defense: “It could be considered the best of both worlds (beef meets chicken – except with no chicken), and the gravy is really good.” Besides, when smothered in all that gravy, the type of meat becomes more of a moot than a meat point.

To this day, I stand by that conclusion/opinion about this very popular, albeit region-centric delicacy.


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3 Responses to Chicken Fried Steak Day (pick a meat!)

  1. Jay says:

    Chicken and eggs is a bad idea, fried or not.

  2. jay hamm says:

    My comment to the blog said that that chicken is not good with eggs (to eat, I  am sure chickens are good to their eggs..)  But chicken fried steak is great with eggs over easy.

  3. PJ Testa says:

    I have the opposite take on this food having been born in Texas. Only when I ventured into Dallas and ran into certified Yankees did I realize that people even asked what it was. One thinks that only intellectuals look down their upturned noses, but that is not true. When a colleague from New York was introduced to chicken fried steak – and the requisite questions (many mentioned above) had been asked and answered – he asked one I had not heard. Would you please pass that white sauce. I turned my nose up toward my astonished eyes and raised eyebrows, sniffed with disdain and said: Mr. New York, that is cream gravy. And felt smarter and happier for knowing I had been able to eat this wonderful meal all my vein clogging life.

    PJ Testa

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