Yes, No, We’ll See – There is No Perpetually Correct Answer

It all started with National Bobblehead Day. I posted on Facebook I had once seen a Jesus bobblehead, and someone commented they were not sure how comfortable they would be with a deity constantly nodding His head in assent.
I agree.

Perpetual nodding is definitely something we want from the likes of:
   *  Loan officers
   *  Bosses
   *  Genies (gotta get a “yes” to those three wishes!)
   *  Anyone you ask if they love you. Oh, wait – if you have to ask – that’s a NO, regardless of how they answer. 😕

Constant, predictable YES responses are not what we need from deities or parents. We need the security of knowing they will never respond without the appropriate analysis and deliberation.

My mom’s initial response was typically, “We’ll see.” I know what you’re thinking – yes, it is the classic parental stall. I think I occasionally summoned the nerve to smart off a bit with, “I know what that means. It’s NO!” And if memory serves, “we’ll see” was more often a negative. Regardless of my initial disappointment, I knew in my heart she had not casually dismissed my request. I was confident she took the time to make the best decision.

I probably did the same with my kids, with at least one exception. If they asked for a new toy (game, video, etc.), my pat answer was, “Is it Christmas? Is it your birthday?”
When the eye-rolling and long sighs ceased, negotiations began. Depending on the cost, and what additional chores they were willing to do to earn the non-Christmas/non-birthday item, there was always the possibility of a yes.

Overall, I believe we all understand that YES is not always the best answer. We want the security of knowing someone, somewhere is carefully deliberating before responding.

It’s likely safe to say we can leave the bobbling to sports figures and dashboard dog.


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