Miracle?  Or was one angel “asleep at the mantle?”

This originally reminded me of the 1948 movie Miracle of the Bells, with Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra.  The essence of the film (the miracle) is a statue of the Virgin Mary turning toward the casket of a young actress who died after starring as St. Joan of Arc.
Anyway, my grown kids are so funny.  Somehow, they turned what was nothing short of a miracle to me (certainly an inexplicable occurrence) into a comical experiment in perspectives and perceptions.

 For Christmas, I placed two angels (I’ve had since I was 15) and a Nativity scene on my mantle.  A couple of weeks ago, I finally put the Nativity away, but decided to leave the Angels for a while.  Then, last week, I noticed the strangest thing.  One of the angels was turned toward the portrait of my children.

I was shocked; moved to tears.  It was like a miracle – an answer to my daily prayers, that the Angels watch over my children.
So, I took this picture, and emailed it to both of my kids, along with a “before” picture of how the Angels were originally placed, facing outward.
Instead of sharing the joy of my “miracle” of the Angels watching over them…
My son’s reaction:  “She’s looking right at ME!  Oh my God – am I gonna die?!’
My daughter’s reaction:  (Initially) “Aww…that’s amazing!”
Then:  “Wait – she’s not looking at US.  She’s looking right at DAVE.  What’s the matter with MY angel?  She’s just gazing out at the room.  Has she got ADD or something?”
Actually, their reactions, so typical of their personalities, are almost as touching as the original phenomenon.
I attempted to appease my daughter:  “I think I figured it out.  When I removed the Nativity, the Angel on the right was like, “Wait – where’s the Baby Boy???”  
And she started looking around until she found a baby boy – your brother.
Still…your angel appears to be “asleep at the mantle.”  😉
Long sigh…  Maybe it’s a “mom thing.

Now, for the proverbial “call to action:”

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