Relationships – All About Finding A Chair

Relationship Chairs – I think I have figured it out. Of course, like its children’s game counterpart, Musical Chairs, the objective is to find a place.

Relationship Chairs begins in your late teens and 20s. The music starts, and everyone is “in play.” When the music stops, you settle in with the “one you’re with,” and most likely, start a family. 

Things remain calm and steady for years. Then, sometime in your late 30s/early 40s, the music starts again (for some), and people are back “in play,” due to mid-life crises, latent homosexuality, or some situation that re-starts the music, thus opening up some chairs.

By your 50s, everybody is pretty comfortable. Unlike the little straight back chairs used in the children’s game, now we are playing with big, ol‘ wide-back, cushy recliners. They’ve got drink-holders and a place for the TV remote control. And let’s face it.  Even if they are not all “happily” situated, at the very least, they are comfortable – way too comfortable to move.

Yessir, everybody with a chair in their 50s is set for life.

Unfortunatelythose who missed out on a chair are left to keep circling (probably serving drinks to the chair people)…    

It’s not so much that the chairless are buzzards. 

Further, by this time, unlike Goldilocks, there are not those options of: Too big, too small – at this point, you take what’s available.

And the really bad news is the only possibility of getting a “place” is, God forbid, if somebody dies. By your 50s, that is pretty much your only hope of moving into a vacant slot.  Even then, you have to be the one quick (or cute) enough to land that empty chair. 

And let’s face it – take that leap of faith that Viagara is still on the market.

Now, for the proverbial “call to action:”

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Writer - Former newspaper columnist - lover of all things nostalgic, collies, music, humor, and ever grateful to those who defend American citizens at home and abroad.
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4 Responses to Relationships – All About Finding A Chair

  1. Debbie says:

    Sad, but true. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Denny says:

    Always enjoy your blogs,

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