I Am Writer, Read Me Roar! 

No “BossSpringsteen here. Not “born to run,” I was born to write. Seriously, my grandmother’s message in my early childhood was “Children are to be seen, and not heard.”
So, I spoke seldom and softly, but wrote really LOUD.
Eventually, my family dubbed me the “paper tiger.”
When I had a regular newspaper column, at parties and informal gatherings, my brother would half jokingly warn the others, “Be careful what you say. Nancy will make it a column, and she names names!”
I dearly miss that creative outlet, and writing for a living.

Talk is cheap.  But, writing is completely free – especially if you don’t get paid for it.  I am a firm believer in that old saying (most often attributed to the late Red Skelton):  “If you have any talent, that’s God’s gift to you.  You use that talent, that’s your gift to God.”

I hope to someday give that gift to God again. Seems a sin to waste it.


About nancsue

Writer - Former newspaper columnist - lover of all things nostalgic, collies, music, humor, snowy places, & grateful to those who defend American citizens at home and abroad.
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