Give Up or Just Give – A Lenten List

Ash Wednesday, and so it begins, the season of spiritual renewal, and for some Christian denominations, the Lenten sacrifice. Typically, chocolate and other sweet snacks are offered up for this six week period. I can’t help but wonder if the objective there is truly spiritual sacrifice or using religion as an increased impetus to lose weight.

Then, there are the tricks, like giving up a fruit that is out of season, anyway, or a food you never eat. For example, if I gave up sushi, liver, or buttermilk… The lack thereof would never be noticed by my body or soul.

Seriously, maybe it’s time to reconsider the familiar “go to” (or “go from”) sacrifices. If, like me, you need all the calories you can get, let’s take food off the table, so to speak.

Instead of giving up physical nourishment, you might add something spiritually nourishing, such as reading the Bible every day, or a volunteer or other charitable activity.

I would also suggest, instead of forgoing food, give up a behavior or activity, such as cussing, reading gossip magazines, or daily selfie posting.

Some things I don’t recommend giving up: Deodorant, brushing your teeth, clipping your toenails, shaving your legs.

Just sayin’. . . It is, after all, a season of spiritual growth – no other growth.


About nancsue

Writer - Former newspaper columnist - lover of all things nostalgic, collies, music, and humor.
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