Airline Abuse at New Altitude 

Airline Atrocities – we all have a story.  With airline atrocities at a new height, the time seems right to share my mine.

In the last Century, I wrote a column for the Garland Daily News, that was also carried by several other suburban publications.  Clearly, my use of the word “hostess” dates the piece, and I apologize in advance for that demeaning gender-specific, archaic nomenclature.

In March 1991, I wrote a column that opened with comments applauding the flight attendants’ recent victory in obtaining increased weight limits for the profession.

I did, however, go on to address what I felt was an inappropriate attitude during my children’s first flight.

“When all is said and done, I do not begrudge the added inches and pounds.  In fact, I would like to see more emphasis placed on the hostesses’ attitude.  What I would like to see from any airline attendant – skinny or fluffy, is more hospitality and helpfulness toward traveling families, instead of just to males flying solo.

Whatever happened to those friendly skies?”

It seemed innocent enough to me.  I never expected the ensuing angry outcry.  This column set a record for my hate mail.  In fact, the union issued a call for members to write my editor.  I had probably written about politics and religion that never elicited so much as a hate postcard.

My “airline stews” (from the actual headline) column was as close as I would come to Dallas Times Herald’s columnist John Bloom Joe Bob Briggs 1985 “We Are the Weird” controversy.

Once I discovered that “sacred cow,” I should have “hit it 20 more times ,” as John (Joe Bob Briggs)  Bloom would say.  But, it’s my nature to avoid confrontation.  I returned to my more Erma Bombeck-esque editorial style.  And here I sit – blogging for free, when all I had to do was let the airline attendants make me famous.

Now, for the requisite call to action:

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2 Responses to Airline Abuse at New Altitude 

  1. Lindsay Hamm says:

    As much people pay to fly, it should remain friendly. The security and inconvience at the airports is bad enough let alone “unfriendly service”. Well said!!

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