About Me… A Baby Boomer Trying to Be Relevant (and reverent)

Former newspaper columnist (mostly humor), p.r. writer, and freelance writer. Currently in pursuit of what should be the rest of my life, and hoping for as close as a I can come to a happy ending.
Statistically, a “child of the ’60s,” my ideals are a peculiar hybrid. Probably “old school,” through and through. Because, those values imposed by parents of the “Greatest Generation” have always prevented me from embracing that “go with the flow/if it feels good, do it” philosophy of my own generation. Yet, how could any self-respecting Baby Boomer Pisces completely reject the “peace” and “love” of the Flower Power era?
Despite the aforementioned Piscean birthday, I am convinced I became a writer, because of that “children are to be seen and not heard” upbringing.

Born in Syracuse, NY, and mostly raised in the great state of Texas. I have written all my life, and been paid for it (occasionally) for about the last 30years.

4 Responses to About Me… A Baby Boomer Trying to Be Relevant (and reverent)

  1. Dylan Raines says:

    Where would you want to live, if you could live anywhere?


    • nancsue says:

      Does anyone ever get to live where they really want to? It would be a blessing. I have loved everywhere I have lived or been connected – upstate New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, and Texas. Over the years, I have come to realize the most important thing is to have close family and/or a loved one beside you. That’s what makes it Heaven. 💙

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  2. Jenn says:

    I “stayed too long at the fair,” and I paid far too much personally–living a great deal of my life as a human doing at the expense of my human being has left me in a position where I am climbing out of a hole back into life. I was warned but did not heed the warnings. Cutting my emotional losses is challenging. There are no easy answers. Martin Luther King in his speech at the funeral of the four little girls in Birmingham said that life is as hard as “crucible steel.” Our challenges are different and from my perspective, I have had it easy, really easy. Heed Nancy’s warning and be gentle with yourself and with others. And there is always Zihuatenjo!

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