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Father’s Day – Even For the Fatherless

So, here comes Father’s Day – a Hallmark holiday I always dreaded as a child, because I didn’t have a father. No, I wasn’t a test tube baby or anything. My parents divorced just shy of my fourth birthday. Mom, … Continue reading

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Maybe You Had to be There…

I was recently privileged to be invited to a Golden Wedding Anniversary of some dear friends. The guy who served as best man in 1969 was at the party, and stood to toast, and say a few words. He began … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

“Happiness Is” In the 1960s, Ray Conniff released a song with that title. It had a typical catchy Conniff melody, with lyrics mainly rhyming the various things indicating happiness was “different things to different people.” Happiness Is Simplistic, but so … Continue reading

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Do The Gifted Lack Honor?Or is it Suppressed by Celebrity?

As a consequence of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s misremembering, misrepresentation, or outright lying about being robbed at gunpoint after an Olympic party, some companies, including Speedo and Polo Ralph Lauren, among others, have dropped their sponsorship/endorsement deals with the Olympic … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Freelance Worshipper

Okay. I admit it. I’m a fair weather church goer.” Note, I did not say a fair weather believer. No, I am always there in spirit, and I am a certified prayer warrior. I just don’t attend church with any … Continue reading

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Miracle?  Or was one angel “asleep at the mantle?”

This originally reminded me of the 1948 movie Miracle of the Bells, with Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra.  The essence of the film (the miracle) is a statue of the Virgin Mary turning toward the casket of a young actress … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – the Rodney Dangerfield of Holidays

Thanksgiving is one of those inconspicuous, innocuous holidays most people take for granted, much as we take for granted the very things for which we should be thankful. Wedged between six weeks of Halloween and at least three months of … Continue reading

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Fame Blessings, God – Please Be More OBVIOUS And In Our Face!

You have, no doubt, heard people refer to their “brush with fame.” What’s up with that? Why does fame only allow most of us a mere “brush?” Why won’t fame let us just grab it and HOLD ON? Same thing … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen Tweeted “..Remain at peace” – Or As I Told My kids, “Keep your cool!”

On November 12, Joel Osteen tweeted: “When you remain at peace, almighty God will fight your battles.” I shared this with a friend, who responded via email: “I need to think about what that means. Do I just ignore my troubles? While I will always … Continue reading

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