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Yes, No, We’ll See – There is No Perpetually Correct Answer

It all started with National Bobblehead Day. I posted on Facebook I had once seen a Jesus bobblehead, and someone commented they were not sure how comfortable they would be with a deity constantly nodding His head in assent. I … Continue reading

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One Cell Phone Picture Worth a Thousand Words – A Snapshot of Picture Perfect Technology

Before “blogging” was invented (or given a name, anyway), I would use my own website (Shameless Self Promotion Alert [SSPA]) as a creative outlet – sort of a replacement for the newspaper column I had written for seven years.  … Continue reading

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But, will it play on FACEBOOK?

“But, will it play in Peoria?” is an old figure of speech from Vaudeville.  Apparently, Peorians were not easily amused, entertained, or impressed.  And so, the phrase came to be used to ask whether a particular product, person, event, etc. … Continue reading

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