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A Bit of Grilling About Your Memorial Day Grilling

MEMORIAL DAY is the second most popular day (after Independence Day) for outdoor grilling. Is there such thing as indoor grilling?  Yes.  That’s what you call it when someone asks you a lot of questions.  So, here goes your indoor … Continue reading

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Labor Day: Indoor GRILLING About Outdoor COOKING

If you can believe everything you read on the Internet (and who doesn’t -after all, it was invented by Al Gore)… my brief web-scan indicates LABOR DAY is the third most popular day for outdoor grilling. Is there such thing as indoor grilling? Su… Continue reading

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Hotdog Eating Contest Elevates Gluttony to An Organized Sport

Are we not bombarded, on a daily basis, with “news” that Americans are too fat? There is even talk of proposed legislation to limit our freedom to salt – SALT, as in “of the earth.” Both sugar and sodium have become four-letter words. Fast food es… Continue reading

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