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More of the “New Normal” and Why I Prefer the Old Normal

Society has a whole new set of rules. A retired friend recently returned to work – a feat in itself that I find nearly miraculous, since I can’t even get an interview at a used book store – but, that’s … Continue reading

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Maybe You Had to be There…

I was recently privileged to be invited to a Golden Wedding Anniversary of some dear friends. The guy who served as best man in 1969 was at the party, and stood to toast, and say a few words. He began … Continue reading

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“First Man” – Not a Movie Review, Just a Baby Boomer’s Perspective

I finally got to the theater again to see a first-run movie – First Man, and unabashedly admit to having thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I loved it, and intend to see it again. Unfortunately, if social media is any … Continue reading

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Right From Wrong – There’s No Shelf Life

Yesterday, in Little Rock, a man crashed his car into a monument of the Ten Commandments – apparently, because he disagrees with those precepts. They may be over 3,000 years old. But, I’m pretty sure there is no expiration date. … Continue reading

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What We Have Here is a Failure to Find the Right Reference Point (Or how I learned to communicate with Generation Y)

Mother’s Day weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting with my son and his gf (that’s hip for “girlfriend” – how cool am I!). Somehow, we got on the subject of Bruce Willis’ fame. I immediately referenced Moonlighting.  Despite it’s … Continue reading

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Cultural Literacy – Best Learned From Movies andMusic 

Yesterday, coworkers in their 20s offered me Reese’s Pieces. In my best E.T. voice, I said, “E.T., phone home.” They just looked at me like they thought I had Tourette Syndrome. They are in their 20s. I don’t really expect … Continue reading

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A Generation in Pursuit of the Perfect Flip

Ever since I was old enough to appreciate being a baby boomer, I pondered penning a piece about coming of age in that era, and titling it “In Pursuit of the Perfect Flip.” First, let me address the aforementioned “appreciation.” … Continue reading

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That “Generation Gap” I Discovered as a teen goes on – in reverse

Fully expecting and prepared to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the relatively luxurious waiting room of my BMW dealership, took the day off to take my car in for a couple of minor things. Turns out, one of those minor … Continue reading

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A Wireless World – Progress or Not So Much?

“I can’t believe – it’s 2014, and we’re STILL dealing with cords!”  That was once spewed in exasperation as a young co-worker was frustratedly struggling with unplugging and plugging in a scanner in the office.  Initally, it struck me as … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

For the post-baby boomer generations who were taught the U.S. barbarically, mercilessly bombed Japan in 1945, it’s not your fault. No one ever told you the Japanese were not always the cool, car-building, techno-genius, anime-creating society you … Continue reading

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