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If It’s Five O’clock Somewhere, and The Mood is Right

One of the first college psychology courses I took had a lesson about how alcohol does not lift your spirits – it only amplifies the mood you’re in. That was actually something I already knew from experience. No, not from … Continue reading

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New Normal and Other Possibilities of a Post-Coronavirus World

When this Coronavirus insanity ends… When retail stores throw open their doors… When kids go back to school, and parents return to work… When the world at large reopens… When devastation and isolation turn to celebration… And we trust these … Continue reading

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Robin Williams: “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams. We first met him as Mork from Ork on the 1970s sitcom Happy Days.. The cute, little, long-haired alien was popular enough to get a spin-off series, Mork & Mindy,  co-starring Pam Dawber. With his zany, impulsive humor, Williams … Continue reading

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If Only Drunks Were as Funny and Drinking as Glamorous as the Media Would Have Us Believe

Dying or (worse yet), killing someone else due to driving “under the influence” is the worst possible result of alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the heartbreak of alcoholism has devastating consequences that extend to every part of the addict’s l… Continue reading

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Alcoholism and Addiction is Somewhat Like Demonic Possession

Watching BIOGRAPHY channel’s “MAD MEL: THE RISE AND FALL OF A HOLLYWOOD ICON”, a piece about MEL GIBSON. Almost without exception, every journalist, interviewer, celebrity, and expert they have interviewed has expressed some kind of shock and horr… Continue reading

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Woody Allen Still Revered While Mel Gibson is Reviled

Leo DiCaprio backed out of a movie deal with Mel Gibson, due to girlfriend abuse allegations. Yet, actors still leap at the chance to work with Woody Allen, incestuous child predator. Am I alone in my inability to make sense of this? I am not defe… Continue reading

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