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Caring Rightly or Accepting Solitude

Don’t assume, Do not think for a single minute that there is another human on this planet who cares as much about you as you care for them. Be it friend or family, It is not likely they think about … Continue reading

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The Hierarchy of Problems Principle – Just How Miserable Are You?

More than a few decades ago, as a newlywed, I was complaining to my mother about a situation that felt important to me. After only a brief period of the ear-bending, Mom abruptly shut me down by reminding me of … Continue reading

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Right From Wrong – There’s No Shelf Life

Yesterday, in Little Rock, a man crashed his car into a monument of the Ten Commandments – apparently, because he disagrees with those precepts. They may be over 3,000 years old. But, I’m pretty sure there is no expiration date. … Continue reading

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Give Up or Just Give – A Lenten List

Ash Wednesday, and so it begins, the season of spiritual renewal, and for some Christian denominations, the Lenten sacrifice. Typically, chocolate and other sweet snacks are offered up for this six week period. I can’t help but wonder if the … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Freelance Worshipper

Okay. I admit it. I’m a fair weather church goer.” Note, I did not say a fair weather believer. No, I am always there in spirit, and I am a certified prayer warrior. I just don’t attend church with any … Continue reading

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“God Light” – Mysteries and Myths

Most are familiar with those ethereal rays of sunlight, usually occurring at dawn or dusk, often called “God light.”  As a child, my personal perception was they meant God was watching us.  Somewhere along the road of life, someone shared … Continue reading

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Miracle?  Or was one angel “asleep at the mantle?”

This originally reminded me of the 1948 movie Miracle of the Bells, with Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra.  The essence of the film (the miracle) is a statue of the Virgin Mary turning toward the casket of a young actress … Continue reading

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Yes, No, We’ll See – There is No Perpetually Correct Answer

It all started with National Bobblehead Day. I posted on Facebook I had once seen a Jesus bobblehead, and someone commented they were not sure how comfortable they would be with a deity constantly nodding His head in assent. I … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s “Storm of The Century” – Another of his perfect lessons in Good & Evil – Is King an Evangelist?

I watched Stephen King’ “Storm of the Century” today on ENCORE. Like most of King’s work, it is an excellent, albeit eerily accurate insight to the human psyche. It made me wonder about King’s level of Christianity. While I would never see him as … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen Tweeted “..Remain at peace” – Or As I Told My kids, “Keep your cool!”

On November 12, Joel Osteen tweeted: “When you remain at peace, almighty God will fight your battles.” I shared this with a friend, who responded via email: “I need to think about what that means. Do I just ignore my troubles? While I will always … Continue reading

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“Peanuts” and Charlie Brown as Allegory or Parable and Joel Osteen

I never watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” that I don’t, on some level, feel that Charlie Brown’s life, on some level, reflects that of many people – hence, the popularity of “Peanuts.” While (fortunately), we don’t all always fail or f… Continue reading

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Apparently, ‘Tis Better to be Amish than Homeless

As overall religious fervor has seemed to diminish over the years, recent news reports indicate Amish is the fastest growing religious group in the United States. Really – Amish? The people who spurn most technology, and are known for their prefer… Continue reading

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The New Mass is Not Really like “New Coke”

By now, if you are Catholic, you are well aware of the “new Mass” – an updated version of the Roman Missal, the text of prayers and instructions for celebrating Mass. The new translation was rolled out late last month to thousands of unsuspecting … Continue reading

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