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“First Man” – Not a Movie Review, Just a Baby Boomer’s Perspective

I finally got to the theater again to see a first-run movie – First Man, and unabashedly admit to having thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I loved it, and intend to see it again. Unfortunately, if social media is any … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Shocked – It’s Not Just About the Lights

In the old days (read “when I was a child”), most people called the electric bill their “light bill.” Because, lights were pretty much the primary leeches of that magic current flowing into the house. Even the logo for the … Continue reading

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National Engineers Week

If you live, work, or have ever sought shelter in a building that is structurally sound; If you regularly cross a body of water, cloverleaf interchange or similar high overpass, confident the bridge will not fail; If you can turn … Continue reading

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A Metal Blast From the Past

In the 1967 film, The Graduate, Mr. McGuire had one word for Dustin Hoffman’s character Benjamin:  “Plastics.”  It’s true. Plastics was the future.   Growing up, however, our lives were all about metals and alloys. Even today, people older than I … Continue reading

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Big Business; Corporate Mergers: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

AT&T has purchased DirecTV, and Comcast Corp. is eyeing Time Warner Cable, Inc. with that same greedy, controlling motive in mind.  Is anyone else having flashbacks to the pre-“Ma Bell Breakup” era?  In case you have forgotten, there used to … Continue reading

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One Cell Phone Picture Worth a Thousand Words – A Snapshot of Picture Perfect Technology

Before “blogging” was invented (or given a name, anyway), I would use my own website (Shameless Self Promotion Alert [SSPA]) as a creative outlet – sort of a replacement for the newspaper column I had written for seven years.  … Continue reading

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A Wireless World – Progress or Not So Much?

“I can’t believe – it’s 2014, and we’re STILL dealing with cords!”  That was once spewed in exasperation as a young co-worker was frustratedly struggling with unplugging and plugging in a scanner in the office.  Initally, it struck me as … Continue reading

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