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My Loss Was Always A Baby – Not a Clump of Cells – A Baby

On this date in 1977, after waiting and praying over the long holiday weekend, I was officially told by my obstetrician that the baby I had carried for five months had died in utero. I had not felt her kick … Continue reading

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Give Up or Just Give – A Lenten List

Ash Wednesday, and so it begins, the season of spiritual renewal, and for some Christian denominations, the Lenten sacrifice. Typically, chocolate and other sweet snacks are offered up for this six week period. I can’t help but wonder if the … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Freelance Worshipper

Okay. I admit it. I’m a fair weather church goer.” Note, I did not say a fair weather believer. No, I am always there in spirit, and I am a certified prayer warrior. I just don’t attend church with any … Continue reading

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The New Mass is Not Really like “New Coke”

By now, if you are Catholic, you are well aware of the “new Mass” – an updated version of the Roman Missal, the text of prayers and instructions for celebrating Mass. The new translation was rolled out late last month to thousands of unsuspecting … Continue reading

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