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You Know What They Say…

Occasionally, we read that “Nine out of 10 doctors recommend…” or maybe “Nine of 10 dentists…” A press release will always identify the individual or organization presenting the groundbreaking revelation. However, more often than not, the source of most definitive … Continue reading

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Middle Age Beats Awkward Age

It is not pretty. It transforms cute, little faces into disproportionate shadows of their former sweet visage. It can wreak havoc on the cutest of countenance, and in some, it is just flat unattractive. And “it” has a name: ADOLESCENCE.

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No Flu Over This Cuckoo’s Nest

“I never catch colds or get the flu.” That is my annoying brag, as co-workers collectively cough and collapse all around me. Few believe me, and most don’t want to hear it (again). But, it’s true. I can count on … Continue reading

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Egg Nog and Other “Out of Season” Goodies

I know I harp on this every January. But, seriously, why can’t just one national dairy sell eggnog all year? Why does it have to be, like King ‘s Hawaiian hot dog buns, “out of season “? Yes, true story. … Continue reading

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But, will it play on FACEBOOK?

“But, will it play in Peoria?” is an old figure of speech from Vaudeville.  Apparently, Peorians were not easily amused, entertained, or impressed.  And so, the phrase came to be used to ask whether a particular product, person, event, etc. … Continue reading

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